Remodeling a Kitchen

5 Things to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen

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One of the most satisfying home remodeling projects is kitchen remodeling. If you love to cook, it’s really worth the time and money because you get to maximize the space and use more updated kitchen appliances and features. It looks easy, but this project needs careful planning. Take a step back and picture how the kitchen will look like after the project. Of course, having references will help you a lot.  

Remodeling a Kitchen

There are lots of things you should consider before the kitchen remodel in Lubbock can be carried out. But don’t worry because we will help you with that. Read more and find out.  


Any remodeling project is such a major expense. You have to sacrifice your money first before you can see and experience the final project. But don’t be discouraged, because it doesn’t have to be a very expensive kitchen just to be functional. It will be added to your home value, so it’s still a great return of investment. Ask your realtor how much a kitchen will add to your home value.  

To Add or Not 

One of the challenges faced by homeowners when it comes to kitchen remodeling is whether to add space or not. The space is important for a kitchen. Do you need additional space or do you want to spend the money more on high-end appliances? When you decide for this, think about your cooking lifestyle and how you’re going to use the space.  

If you want a more spacious kitchen because of all the cooking you need, you can add a small space. You can also look for adjoining rooms like mudroom, pantry or laundry and then merge those spaces to create a super-functional kitchen. Make sure that you consult with a certified kitchen planner because they might give you advices you haven’t thought of before.  

Existing Layout 

If you really want to save money, experts’ advice is that you should keep the kitchen’s old layout. You can rearrange some of the cabinets and appliances but you should leave the gas, plumbing, and electrical systems as they are. If you touch the current layout, you’re going to spend more for additional water lines, rerouting the HVAC ductwork, upgrading the ducts and vents and many more.  

Appliance Size and Style 

The appliances for kitchen are available in different sizes, there are small ones and there are also gigantic ones. If you prefer the big ones, additional construction might be needed to brace the floor underneath so it can accommodate the weight.  

Some of the appliances that require special installation are the following: warming drawer, range hood, cooktops, dishwasher and microwave ovens.  


The lighting is an important component that sets the mood of any room. A great lighting plan will really make a huge difference. Old kitchens usually has two ceiling lights, if yours is like that too then it’s certainly the time to upgrade. You can replace the old door and windows with larger ones so natural light comes in.  

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