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Wisdom Teeth Extraction: What to Expect?

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Tens of thousands of wisdom teeth removal procedures are done every year. Actually, wisdom teeth are often removed due to the fact that they can cause damages to other teeth since they simply don’t have enough space, or maybe because they can possibly push and misalign other teeth. Furthermore, wisdom teeth can also lead to discomfort and pain as they shift, pushing into other teeth or even start to erupt in the mouth, even though a lot of patients who need an extraction procedure of their wisdom tooth might never feel any pain or discomfort from their teeth. 

Teeth Extraction

Regardless if wisdom teeth removal is necessary or not depending on the particular case of a patient, the dentist will still take a series of exams like x-rays in order to determine the movement as well as the positioning of the teeth. In certain cases wherein a wisdom tooth is causing disruption of daily activities, irritation, or pain, it is certainly best that you have your teeth removed. Similar to that, if a person is experiencing some chances in alignment or bite, or maybe impacts to other teeth, then the dentist will more likely suggest that you have your wisdom teeth removed. 

A lot of adolescents and adults might never develop wisdom teeth, and there are also cases that the teeth might be impacted below the line of the gums and will not eventually grow in. And, what’s odd is that not all people are born with all four wisdom teeth. As a matter of fact, some people only have two to three and some other never develop even one wisdom teeth at all. Statistically speaking, around thirty-five percent of people around the globe are born without wisdom teeth. 

Tooth Extraction Procedure: How Long Does the Pain Last? 

It’s not uncommon for tooth extraction pain to last for a few days, which can last up to a week or two. Jaw pain, swelling, soreness or stiffness are also some common complaints from patients who have had tooth extraction. You should also be wary of pain that eventually worsens over a few days that can also be a sign of dry socket or infection. 

Proper care in order to make sure that it will heal faster is very important for reducing any complication, which can cause more pain. It is also highly recommended that you stop smoking while you are still healing from tooth extraction, and observe post tooth extraction care instructions, which can keep your socket from leading to dry socket as well as becoming infected. You may also take pain relievers that you can buy over the counter or your own dentist may also prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication for pain and in order to ease discomfort. If you want to know more about your oral health, it is best that you visit a reputable, experienced and professional emergency dentist office St Catharines in order to make sure that everything will be taken care of in a safe and effective way knowing that your health is in the hands of the experts.

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